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RoFlo Compressor Package

We specialize in creating custom equipment solutions for the water, oil, natural gas, and private and commercial applications that are cost and production efficient.

WE FIX PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT ISSUES: Equipment is only a good investment when design and function produce sustainable results. You can’t afford to buy new equipment from a company who only understands how their machine is manufactured!

We understand how the machines are manufactured and what the specs are written for BUT WE ALSO UNDERSTAND the physical and dynamic properties of crude oil, natural gas, industrial processes and the effects field operating conditions may cause in real applications.

Equipment solutions should be customized to YOUR PRODUCTION NEEDS.

We don’t simply ask what you need and take your order. We ask about your application, your environment, your temperatures, fluid type and pressures…and then we verify that the equipment will meet your needs.

National Oilwell 133T-4M

WE SAVE PRODUCTION COSTS: Our business solutions are not tied to the oil and gas market or to promoting a company, a sales package or a product.

Our solutions manufacture SAVINGS.

Our dealership lines and rights of distributorship help us guarantee the right solution for the best price – and back it with our own expertise. We hold FULL DISTRIBUTORSHIPS on many of the Major Industry Brands.

WE IMPROVE PRODUCTION OPERATIONS: Our custom equipment solutions streamline production while reducing cost and risk.

A single consult has saved as much as 3 weeks of lost production revenue (including downtime, equipment re-purposing and other cost-saving measures)

We listen to our clients’ product, process or production issues and we help you solve your problems with Economy & Efficiency.
Current projects include field testing of our new Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU).

Our clients include:

& more PLUS thousands of individual producers

Read what some of our clients have to say:

I was first introduced to Graham Equipment when I needed a small natural gas compressor for a lease in Palo Pinto County. I contacted Brent and we discussed the situation and he recommended a Quincy compressor. I said I had already had a Quincy and it did not work out well. After discussing the design parameters with Brent the original packager of the unit had arbitrarily limited the discharge pressure of the unit. We took our unit and reworked it at the original shop and it worked until we sold the property. I knew at that time that I had an honest partner because Brent walked me through my needs and someone else got the work. R. Pennington

If I have a pump/engine/small compression issue, my first call will be to Brent Mullin at Graham Equipment. If we spent $10,000 on a water pump where we are making 200-300 BPD, [then] we are paying for the pump in about a month, then saving that money the rest of the year…Seems like a no-brainer. Nathan @ Brigadier

The product which I am most happy with was an engine to put on a flare stack to provide an air mixture. My flare manufacturer only had electric and running electricity to the site was going to be prohibitive. I called Brent and asked him what he thought of just a small lawn mower engine to run the pump which would also run on the waste gas we were going to burn. Brent contacted the flare company and found the solution implemented it and to the best of my knowledge the unit is still running 5 plus years later. He went on to sell numerous units to the flare company and they helped out numerous customers with the solution.

We just bought another unit to pump 8300′ well with [the Mr. Pumper] 2500 Premium unit. [It is] the best thing we have done for the application. They just picked up their second unit yesterday on a twin well to the first. They have been running the first one about 6 months now. WB

Hey Brent, Just wanted to say I absolutely love the Mr Pumper. It’s easy to operate and runs very smooth. TM






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