Welcome to Graham Equipment & Manufacturing, LTD., Creator of the Mr. Pumper® Products: Pumping for Profit.

Graham Equipment & Manufacturing, LTD is a Texas-based company with over 3 decades of experience in the oil and gas, pumping, and machine industries. Our unique combination of expertise and industry insight has allowed us to create customized solutions for some of the biggest industry manufacturers in the country. We offer the products, technology, and expertise you need to support your company in all phases of production.

About the Owner

Brent Mullin, Founder
Brent Mullin, Founder

Brent’s clients range in industry and insight needs. Each client, be they an individual producer or a Fortune 500 manufacturer, receives customized solutions for the production need of their company – and the dialogue and delivery methods are collaborative every step of the way.

The solutions Brent provides for his clients, combining modern technologies with Texas ingenuity, have made Brent a highly-respected, in-demand consultant who can provide you with results you need from concept to design and implementation. His insight and practical application of mechanics, hydraulics, and business are also valued by many clients for issues of troubleshooting and correction. Brent’s ability to see the problem and all of its components from inception to a future of production measured in years makes him a top independent consultant for some of the biggest names in consulting and solution-providers.

Brent has been on both the operations and manufacturing sides of drilling and completion for the following: oil, natural gas, and water wells. Before the stringent nature of the Railroad Commission in Texas and the EPA directed current drilling practices, Brent created and used innovative drilling and production technologies and practices to protect his investment and Texas land. Brent has remained in business in oil and gas since the early 1970s.

Brent’s work creates or dramatically improves new, cutting edge technology specifically in the oil, gas, and industrial markets. GEM is an OEM and industrial supplier of water, oil, natural gas, and air pumps and products and Brent owns several patented products currently on the market.

Brent also works with hospitals, wastewater plants, paper mills, and more.

About Graham Equipment & Manufacturing, LTD

Advanced Technology/Vision: Our technology provides solutions for the challenges of higher energy costs, as potential consequence of new regulations, which impact our way and cost of living. Our technology provides solutions through new and innovative methods of natural gas transmissions and vapor recovery and delivery into established pipelines. These technologies save money, create jobs, earn income through increased revenue and taxable product, and reduces outsourcing.

Compliance: Our products are in compliance with new EPA actual and proposed guidelines for eco-protection and employee safety.

Distributorships: Our access to multiple key producers allow our company to provide the most competitive pricing on pumps, parts, and production. We have a pump for every application (excludes rod pumps).

Energy-efficiency: Our technology is energy-renewable, reducing pollutants released into the environment with production. We promote clean air with our VRUs, decrease gas consumption with our pump jack engines, and increase oil production with our downhole jet productions.

Safety: Our technologies, when used within our recommended guidelines, help reduce the risk of injury to all three categories of impact.

Sustainability / Capital Investment: Many of our designs and products are designed for longevity, low cost maintenance, and low economic and ecologic impact.

Commitment to Quality

Graham Equipment & Manufacturing, Ltd. (GEM) maintains a commitment to integrity and quality of product and service that mimics that of our CEO, Brent Mullin, as evidenced by his reputation as a businessman in North Texas.

Brent personally oversees the design and implementation of each engine, from its inception to its delivery and placement. The distinguishing mark of GEM is the resolve of Brent and his team to serve clients long after the delivery date.

This trait has earned Brent recognition and numerous accolades and respect in the business community. In each industry with which Brent and his team operate, certifications are held at the highest levels.

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