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Mr. Pumper Product Lines:

Hydra-Cell Injection Pumps
Electric or Gas-Driven Compressors
Auto-Start Transfer Pumps
Mr. Pumper® Design Chemical Pumps
ANSI Pumps
Pump Jack Engines

We customize solutions for your with any combination of the following elements:

Gas & Diesel Engines
Electronic (EPS) Controls
Electrical Motors
Mechanical Seals
Vapor Recovery Units (VRU)

Consulting Based on Your Needs

Owner and CEO Brent Mullin is renowned for his experience in operation of marginal oil leases. Highly regarded as an industry expert, Brent understands marginal wells, water flood technology, and their associated problems.

The use of the patented Mr. Pumper® products and their unique control design allows for tremendous reduction in production costs of these categories, thus increasing your net profit.

These units are currently performing in major industry players’ fields in multiple states and at depths ranging from 1100 feet to 11,000 feet.

Our ability to make your marginal wells much more profitable through our insight, experience, and consideration of your financial needs has been a key component to the growth of our reputation as the leading experts in many industry solutions.

Brent has a passion for being on the cutting edge of technology, finding ways to improve products and develop new and innovative ways to benefit applied and related industries.

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